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  • Maggie Wallem Rowe

Episode #2: Gettin' More Juice Outta Your Lemons

Anyone here mature enough to remember the nationally syndicated column "Hints from Heloise"? Sadly, Mrs. Heloise Cruse is now keeping house in glory (where her mansion must be excessively tidy), but back in the early 60's her book Heloise's Housekeeping Hints sold a half million copies.

Nowadays household hints are known as life hacks, but the idea is the same: What simple things can you do with items you already have to save time and money in your home?

If you watched Episode #1 of Life is Sweet, Y'all last week, you learned that one of those free paint-stirring sticks from the hardware store makes a dandy tool for spreading frosting (keep it out of the paint can first though, darlin'.)

And did you know that unscented dental floss works perfectly for slicing a layer cake horizontally or top-down without mashing it?

Here's a new tip I learned just this past weekend.

If your leather handbag and shoes end up with you in a concrete pond (aka swimming pool), do not despair! They will dry in time for you to wear to church the very next day, good as new.

(Did the Plunge into an icy pool for a good reason, I pinky-swear!)

And now, here's a tip from that mid-century maven of unasked-for advice and southern cooking on using lemons when life's just a bit too sour for your taste.

Yes ma'am, even if you've been raised on sweet tea and Jesus, life often has more problems than you can say grace over.
The good news, though, is that we can hold our peace and entrust those nasty situations to the One in charge of the world. Thankfully, that's not us.

Life is sweet, y'all. Have another slice!

Love you,

Miss Maggie

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