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I’ve had the privilege of speaking at hundreds of individual events, conferences and retreats across the US and abroad, and I’d love to serve alongside you at yours!


Listed below are retreat and conference themes I’ve developed recently followed by individual topics. Whether it’s addressing women’s groups, parents and families, senior adults or a glorious mixture of the generations, I’m available to create presentations to fit your needs, theme, audience and schedule. My specialty is dramatizing the lives of great women of the faith, and you can find more information about that ministry here. Call me at 630-310-9308 or send a message through my Contact tab. Let’s talk soon!

Each series includes 2,3 or 4 related talks of 40-50 minutes each which can be adapted for a variety of events including single-day, overnight or full weekend women’s retreats. Please request complete descriptions. I can also create a new series around your chosen theme or key verse or adapt one of these for your event. Outlines and small-group discussion or personal reflection questions are also available.


Embracing the Life You Have: A Faith for All Seasons (2 Kings)


This dynamic series focuses on the stories of three diverse, unnamed women in the life of the prophet Elisha in 2 Kings whose faith enabled them to thrive in difficult days. You’ll meet a woman alone with financial troubles (“The Long Range View”), a mother facing her greatest fear (“When Sorrow & Joy Dwell Side-by-Side”), and a young single who lost something precious to her but gained a place in history (“God Writes Straight by Broken Lines.”) Each session includes a 5-minute dramatization of the life of a contemporary woman facing a similar situation.

REACH – Taking Hold of God’s Best for Your Life (Mark 5-7)


You hear a lot about “living your best life,” but what does that really mean? How do we take hold of all that God has for us in a world of competing demands? In this series we’ll look at the stories of three distinct, resourceful women in the gospel of Mark who were pursuing urgent desires with very different results. Most importantly, we’ll discover how passionately the Lover of our souls is reaching out for us.


Reaping the Harvest: Finding the Love We Long For (Ruth 2:12)


Whatever our season or station in life, we all long to love and find love in return. Through a dramatic retelling of the book of Ruth, we’ll explore what it means to choose blessing over bitterness and fullness over emptiness as we celebrate the faithfulness of God in the lives of women. We’ll glean lessons from the lives of Naomi and Ruth, gain fluency in the language of hope, and learn how to “make room in our fields” for the marginalized.


Faithbook: What’s Your Profile? (Romans 5:1-2)


Discover the keys to your identity in Christ by accepting our invitation to Faithbook. This retreat will help you connect to the most important community of all, God’s family.


Soulcare: A Woman’s Guide to Intimacy with God (Mt. 11:29; 16:26)

Teaching from the book of Philippians on drawing close to our Creator through lessons in character, suffering, and the joy of rising above our circumstances.


Waiting on God: Windows of Hope (Romans 8:24)


Does your view of life need some reframing right now? A look through the window of scripture into the lives of some famous ladies-in-waiting of the past –Hagar, Michal, and Mary. Through their lives we’ll discover hope and healing for our own.


Individual Topics -


The Love That Will Not Let You Go (Jeremiah 31:3) - How do we endure if love is lost? We embrace grace, permit our soul to be stretched, and trace the rainbow through the rain.


Calling: Your Place in the Universe – Who is called? Why should we answer? Where are we going, and what tools do we bring to the task?


Shining On Without Burning Out (Matthew 5:16) - We’re commanded to “let our light shine,” but the risk of burning out is very real. How do we serve as beacons in a dark and discouraging world?


Six Great Ways to Be an Encourager (Gal. 6:9-10)- Let’s unpack what it means to meet a need, take a risk, write a word, affirm a strength, lend an ear, and form a network!


Closer Than Sisters: The Friendships of Women (1 or 2 sessions) Many of us are living in a gap – a friendship gap – where we’re more technologically but less relationally connected than ever before. Where do we find sisters of the heart, and how do we build our friendships on a godly foundation?


Home Life: The Private Life of a Public Person

Ministry Life: The Public Life of a Private Person - For pastors’ spouses


Creating a Family Legacy that Will Last (Jer. 32:39)


Home Improvement: Building a Best Friend Marriage -

Home Improvement: Positive Parenting Both co-taught with my husband Mike


Living as Resurrection People (Isaiah 43:1-2)


Many Kinds of Moms (Mother’s Day or MOPS talk)


Exploring the Landscape of Prayer


Six Ways to Be a Blessing (be the reason someone feels loved!)


Lessons from the Third Trimester: Leaving a Legacy

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