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  • Maggie Wallem Rowe

We're Gonna Have Fun with This One, Friends!

Lord willin’ and the supply chain creek don’t rise, LISY will be here seven weeks from today.

My second book baby, Life is Sweet, Y’all, is scheduled to burst into the world in all her sassy pink glory on Tuesday, March 8, the very day Mike and I depart for Norway. But we’re gonna have some fun with her (and you) before that!

Want a sneak peek at what we have planned, including a one-minute excerpt? (Please scroll through for a special opportunity at the end!)

60 SECOND CLIPS from a mid-century TV Show

Every Tuesday from February 8 – March 1, you’ll be the first to see one of the four quirky “TV commercials” Tyndale House Publishers filmed featuring Miss Maggie in a circa 1960’s kitchen – frilly apron, big pearls, red lipstick and all. (Picture who you’d get if you cross Paula Deen with Lucy Ricardo and that’s sorta the idea.)

I’ll post one clip here each week the day before they go out via social media. Y’all are special – I want you to see them first.


Please mark your calendar for Tuesday, March 1, 8 ET/7 CT, because you’re invited into my very own 1974 kitchen! I’ll be demonstrating one of the recipes from the book, and we already have fun prizes picked out to give away to those who join us online.

I’ll be showin’ up in character as Miss Maggie, my southern alter-ego, since the book’s written in her voice. (I was born a Northerner but they just aren’t that funny, sorry to say.) And if you laugh at my big brunette hairdo and eyelash extensions, I won’t hear you anyway.

SOUTHERN LADY Magazine will feature LISY in their May/June issue.

(Don’t read it? Now you sure as sugar should. Put down that copy of Garden and Gun and get yourself a copy.)

And free of charge, here’s your answer to people who wonder why some Christian folks act so ornery and all.

We’re supposed to be One Big Family – His people – so why can’t we just all agree and get along, for goodness’ sake? Since we have the same Father, that makes us brothers and sisters, but have you ever seen siblings who don’t squabble? Or a family without a single crazy uncle? No? Me neither.

Here’s how we tell it in Life is Sweet, Y’all…


You know the old saying about family: You can’t live with ’em, and you can’t live without ’em. We all have a few loose branches on our family tree along with an impressive collection of nuts. Maybe you have kids who are like a matched set of dueling pistols, or you’ve got a brother-in-law who can’t weigh facts because he’s got a scale full of opinions already.

But as ornery and cantankerous as family members can be, they’re ours. If the most important commandments in Scripture are to love God and our neighbor, it’s good to remember that our neighbor is as near as the man or woman, boy or girl who happens to be under your roof.

And if someday your family tree branches off in different directions? You still share the same deep roots.

Taken from Life is Sweet, Y’all, by Maggie Wallem Rowe. Copyright © 2022. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.. All rights reserved.


IF you are active on social media and enjoy engaging with others online… and

IF you think your friends could use some cheerin’ up about now…

You are invited to join the LISY ten-minute launch team!

What will you receive?

o An advance digital copy of Life is Sweet, Y’all

o A meme and a link each week to share the videos

o Profound thanks from Miss Maggie and Tyndale House Publishers!

Interested? Email me at




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