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  • Maggie Wallem Rowe

Today’s the Big Day – At Last. And Here’s the Final Episode I’ve Been Saving to Show You!

Photo courtesy of my sweet southern friend Daphne Woodall

Today is the day when our little LISY officially enters the world in all her sassy pink glory. Sure took her long enough to get here!

But before we get on with the celebratin', I've gotta question for you: Do you ever struggle with finding balance in your life? Knowing what to do when there's just too little of YOU to go around?

I've got some 73-year-old hand-embroidered towels (bridal shower gifts of my mama's) to show you that have a story to tell. You'll see them in the very last Life is Sweet, Y'all video!

I've been saving it just for release day, and it's finally here.

First, though, do you remember back in February when my southern alter-ego, that maven of mid-century household hints and unasked-for advice, ran a series of little 60-second TV spots in this space?

In "Rise Up!" we dished on gettin' rid of the dirt in your life: all kinds!

In "Lemon Meringue Pie" we discussed what to do when life puts the squeeze on you:

And in "Frosting Cake," we commiserated on those times when you just wanna pitch a plate at the wall (try it sometime!):

But before we celebrate LiSY's birthday with our final episode, I have a confession to make.

I’m generally a rule-follower, but I’ve broken the #1 rule in publishing: Do not leave the country when your new book releases!

As you know, Life is Sweet, Y’all was due first of March, Lord willin’ and if the supply chain creek don't rise. Well, that old creek did rise, and crates of books were stuck at the Port of Vancouver until weeks after Mike and I departed on March 8 for ten weeks of volunteer work in Norway.

Many of you celebrated with us at a live pre-launch party on Facebook before we left, though, and even though LISY herself wasn’t there to join us, we sure did have fun!

But TODAY, Tuesday, April 19, is the official Release Day when she’s now sashayed her way into stores everywhere, and I can’t wait to get back to the States to meet her.

If you live anywhere within a hoot and a holler of western North Carolina, you’re invited to join us Thursday, May 26, for a live launch party at Sassafras on Main in Waynesville. More prizes, more laughter, and a tasting of some goodies from the book!

I know that's a far piece for most of you to come, though. Many of you have written to tell me that the books you pre-ordered have already arrived. You got your copies before I did!

So would you do me a kindness? Given that I'm thousands of miles away, I would love for you to celebrate for me by posting a pic of yourself on Facebook or Instagram with our little book! Some of my grandchildren are with us in Norway this week, and the book is dedicated to them.

Libby, 8, told me as soon as she arrived that she's giving books to her teacher and principal, "Because you wrote this for us, Mormor, and it's got Super's recipe in it!" (their name for my late mama.) Libby would be so tickled (and so would I) to see your pictures with "her" book!

And in honor of Mom and the advice her mama gave her, here's the final LISY episode, called "Granny's Advice!"

Need some spandex in your schedule? Me, too!

"Seek [the LORD's] will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take." Proverbs 3:6

- Maggie Wallem Rowe, 2022

With a heart full of thanks to my fantastic publisher, Tyndale House, for producing these episodes!


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