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  • Maggie Wallem Rowe

Tell Me What Not to Wear - Need Your Help By Sunday!

Friends, I usually pop into your inbox only on Tuesdays, but I’m in need of your help before I leave for the national Christian retail show on Sunday – my first time attending as an author. I’m excited!

I’ve been asked to come in character as the 1960’s “Miss Maggie” to sign copies of Life is Sweet,Y’all. Purchasing an authentic costume from the mid-20th century was too costly, so the other day I hit our local thrift stores. Please scroll down and tell me which outfit you think I should wear!

Secondly, for those of you who’ve already read enough of Life is Sweet,Y'all to have an opinion, I’d be so encouraged if you'll take five minutes to leave a 2-3 sentence review/recommendation on Amazon.

Here’s the link, and here’s why it’s so important. (Link at end also)

Our goal was to have at least 50 reviews online after the book released in mid-April. Unfortunately, we’re still 15 shy of that low-hanging branch. As some of you know, my publisher, Tyndale House, is a non-profit owned by a Christian foundation which uses book proceeds to fund charitable work around the globe. I don’t want to let the team down.

Reviews help move a book forward more than anything other than word-of-mouth. I would love to surprise the team by reaching our goal within the next 72 hours! (And if you don’t read this post until next week, we’re grateful for reviews anytime.)

I know you’ll be honest in your rating and review. There is at least one one-star rating on Amazon, but no accompanying review to explain why the reader disliked LISY so much. Sakes alive, as Miss Maggie would say!

As a reminder, when posting book reviews on Amazon, never mention you know the author in real life (if you do). Refer to him or her as “the author.”

If helpful as a shortcut for a LISY review, you can include descriptors like any of the following terms:

Gift book - southern wit and wisdom - regional humor - quips, tips, and recipes

- faith-based devotional - Bible-based life lessons

And now the other item I need your input on: Here are candid photos of the two thrift-store outfits I’ve put together. The Christian Product Expo is in Lexington, Kentucky, this year. I’ll be morphing into my 1960's southern alter-ego as soon as I arrive and check into my hotel on Sunday.

Shall I go with the homespun never-takes-her-apron- off look?

Or this 1966 mod going-to-a party look?

I welcome your opinion in the comment section. And if you’ve not already posted a review, please do so asap so Miss Maggie can hold her bottle-brunette head up sashaying into that convention hall. Tyndale and I will be most grateful!

(In next Tuesday’s post, I’ll include a photo from the Autograph Party so you can see how you voted.)

Life is sweet, y’all. Have another slice!

Love you,

Miss Maggie

When a southern grandma wants a hug or kiss from a little one, she'll often say, "Gimme some sugah!"


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