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  • Maggie Wallem Rowe

Take Me to Your Leader. Please!

Do you recall hearing about Friendship 7?

If you’re old enough, you may even remember watching the 1962 launch from Cape Canaveral. Also known as Mercury-Atlas 6, it was the first American orbital spaceflight and was crewed by astronaut John Glenn.

As engineer T. J. O’Malley pressed the button launching the spacecraft, he said, “The good Lord ride all the way,” while capsule communicator Scott Carpenter uttered the famous phrase, “Godspeed, John Glenn.”

But do you know what was in the note that Glenn carried with him in case the spacecraft splashed down drastically off course?

I returned early this morning from Chicago after a weekend retreat with my writing guild. With nearly 130 members spread across the U.S., many of us had never met in person before. We are all ages, all stages of life, all ethnicities with one common bond: a passion for spreading the truth of the gospel by developing gifts of writing, speaking, and creative ministry.

I learned so much from these diverse, vibrant women!

Five of us took an intensive "pre-treat" course on speaking led by the dynamic Courtnaye Richard (on my right.)

One of my greatest joys is connecting with YOU – the community that has come together online for these weekly “Views from the Ridge.” Whether or not I ever publish another book, I came home with two firm resolves.

Plus an important question for you.

First, it’s important to me to nurture our relationship.

Please let me know how I can serve you better. What are topics you’d like to tackle in the future to help us navigate this complicated world? I can invite guest writers to address those outside my area of experience.

Secondly, as much as I value the written word, my greatest passion and primary ministry continues to be speaking.

I love opening the scriptures at retreats, conferences, and outreach events, and dramatizing stories about great women of the faith who are no longer here to tell their own – women like Mary of Nazareth and Irish missionary Amy Carmichael. I’m currently recommitting their stories to memory in preparation for upcoming events in North Carolina and New York.

Do you know of a group who could be served by a seasoned speaker/ dramatist? If so, please hit “Reply” and tell me a bit about it or leave a comment below. I’d love to serve your tribe. I have far more time and energy to travel now than I did when we had five teenagers living at home.

Here’s a brief overview of my ministry you may share.

Despite some potentially disastrous mishaps, astronaut John Glenn safely splashed down 1,290 km southeast of Cape Canaveral. Knowing Friendship 7 could have landed near islands in the South Pacific where his unusual arrival might be perceived as a threat, Glenn carried this note in several languages:

“I am a stranger. I come in peace. Take me to your leader and there will be a massive reward for you in eternity.”

Friends, I can’t promise you a massive reward in eternity, but if I can serve your group, please take me to your leader!

If someone discovers a new relationship with Christ because we connected, that’s more than enough reward for both of us.




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