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  • Maggie Wallem Rowe

Ministry Schedule 2021

Friends, after 15 months of cancelled and postponed events, I’m on the road again!

Our View from the Ridge blog community is incredibly dear to my heart, but I don’t know where many of you live. I’m sharing my upcoming speaking and ministry schedule with you today just in case I might be near YOU in the months to come.

I’m deeply thankful for video technology that has enabled me to speak recently to a book group in Canada, women leaders in New England, and podcast listeners everywhere the internet reaches, but there’s nothing like being together in person.

This past Saturday, over 100 women at my home church here in western North Carolina gathered for a “This Life We Share” mini-retreat of teaching, worshipping, and mutual encouragement. How thrilled we were to be able to sit together, laugh together, and greet one another with hugs and exclamations of, “So that’s how you look without a mask!” I also spent four days earlier this month at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference outside of Asheville.

Here’s where I’m headin’ next – would love to see you there!

July 4-11 40th Annual Rowe Family Camp Grand Vue Park, WV

July 14-16 Speak Up! Conference for Writers and Speakers. (My last virtual event)

Interested in attending and meeting with mentors, editors, and agents? Register here:

July 23-25 Pastors’ Wives Retreat Billy Graham Center at the Cove, Asheville NC

July 26-30 Family commitment Warrenville, IL

August Family commitment all month Boston, Massachusetts

Sept. 10-12 Camp Berea Women’s Retreat Hebron, NH

Sept. 17-19 Camp Berea Women’s Retreat Hebron, NH

Sept. 24-26 Camp Berea Women’s Retreat Hebron, NH

Oct. 4-6 Redbud Writers Guild Retreat Darien, IL

Oct. 7 Tyndale House video project Carol Stream, IL

Oct. 8-9 Streator High School 50th Class Reunion* Streator, IL

Nov. 12 Festival of Tables, Orchard Church Waynesville, NC

Dec. 1 To Be Announced, Longs Chapel Waynesville, NC

* (I thought 50th anniversary anythings were only for old people. Who knew?!)

Joyful as I am to be free once again to travel throughout the US mostly without restriction, I’m deeply aware that the pandemic continues unabated in much of the rest of the world.
As I write today, South Africa has just entered a minimum of two weeks of lockdown as have 10 million Australians. We all live under the great blue dome of God’s heavens. My heart is with all those here and abroad who continue to suffer.

Finally, on a fun note, I learned a new word this week that applies to many of you, my friends!

Poet Melanie Weldon-Soiset, who serves on a retreat planning team with me, introduced me to The Cabinet of Calm, a volume of little-known “soothing words for troubled times.” Author Paul Anthony Jones defines worldcraft as “A collective term for the unique skills, wisdom, and experience that an older person has amassed in their lifetime.”

So now that the country is opening up again, let’s get out there and use our worldcraft to better the lives of others.

Safe travels!

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