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  • Maggie Wallem Rowe

Depression, Earrings, & Beth Moore

[If something in today’s post resonates with you, please leave a brief comment and let me know what was helpful for you or someone else. And read on for two different giveaways!]

Now about that subject line, which No One Ever would use because those three things have nothing whatsoever in common. But what if they do?

Our country is in a crisis right now, and it’s not just the pandemic. While COVID-19 is bad enough, the toll on our mental health is much worse. My friend Barb, a clinical psychologist, told me recently that her practice has exploded in recent months, with both adults and children on a rapidly growing waiting list.

“My colleagues and the professional journals are telling us that a third of the population is reporting serious signs of depression,” Barb commented. “We’re deeply concerned about the state of our country’s mental health.”

What can you and I do? “Reach out to those you sense are struggling, isolated, or anxious,” Barb said. “Set aside time to listen without judgment.”

My former employer, Tyndale House Publishers, recently released a new book by bestselling author and mental health expert Dr. Gregory Jantz, Healing Depression for Life. I have a hardcover copy to give away.

No need to specify names, but if you know someone who might benefit, please leave a comment below and I’ll draw one to receive this resource.

A longtime friend shared that when her husband was down in the dumps, he would visit thrift shops and bring home “collectibles” they had no space for, sometimes hiding his purchases from her. We like to joke about “retail therapy” but when the bills mount, it’s no joke.

So I have a suggestion for my girlfriends who are reading this post: try a pair of new earrings! When all we see of one another these days are head and shoulders in Zoom calls, buying new clothes is pointless.

The Mighty ‘Zon offers fun lightweight rattan earrings for summer in a pack of four different styles for just over $12 – fun, affordable, and giftable!

Here’s a pair I’ve been wearing....

.... and because life is meant to be shared, here’s a pair I’m giving away!

Leave a comment if interested.

And do you know what I’m enjoying most this summer?

Entrusted –A Study of 2 Timothy from Bible teacher Beth Moore. I had not done one of Beth’s studies since I went back to work full-time 14 years ago, but LifeWay recently offered a special bundle of the in-depth workbook plus video rentals for only $14.99. I generally take 10 days to complete a week’s lesson, and then my treat is to sit under Beth’s teaching. I am loving it!

Former president Woodrow Wilson once said, “I not only use all the brains I have but all I can borrow.”

I’m borrowing the brain this summer of one of the godliest women I know. Grateful for the stretch marks on my soul as a result.

“Because the words of Christ are spirit and life.
Because God sends forth His Word with accomplishing power.
Because the Holy Spirit can bring the Scriptures to life in any life.
Because those who let Scripture sink into their bones are transformed.
Because nothing renews our minds like the Spirit of Christ working through the Word of God.
Because God could say your name before He said, “Let there be light.”
Because He’s got a plan for you that you don’t want to miss.
Because you matter on this planet.” BETH MOORE
- Copyright 2020, Maggie Wallem Rowe
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