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  • Maggie Wallem Rowe

And Now I Need Your Help...

Hey friends, spring is almost here! I’ve included a quote from one of my favorite writers below. I post new Views from the Ridge on Tuesdays, but I’m popping into your inbox one extra time this week to ask a quick favor.

This Life We Share is coming up on its first birthday in early May, and I’d love to surprise the publishing team. 2020 was such a difficult year to launch anything, let alone a new book. If you haven't already, would you consider adding This Life We Share to your Want to Read shelf on Goodreads? When you do, it gets our book in front of more readers.

All you need to do is click the big, green "Want to Read" button on the left of the Goodreads page found here. It takes 10 seconds and doesn't cost a thing.

And if you’ve already read enough to form an opinion, would you mind leaving a rating or review on Amazon and Goodreads? With 155 reviews currently posted on Amazon and 50 on Goodreads, many of you are among those who have done this already, and I’m so grateful!

We need just 45 more to break the 200 barrier. How thrilled the publishing team will be if we can reach that milestone! The Amazon link is here; Goodreads here.

For all of you who have responded to Tuesday’s post, know that I’m holding you in my heart and my prayers as we keep climbing together.

"Thank God, literally, spring needs no majority vote. It comes when God cues heaven and earth to rise and flourish. Today, not much looks like spring. It’s still pretty drab in these parts unless you look closely. I suspect an ear to the ground could reveal rustling sounds, roots spreading, stems muscling up, insects and critters doing their part. Heaven and nature working together, readying small patches of Eden, for God’s annual reminder of what’s possible on earth, and in us. - Jan Carlberg


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