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  • Maggie Wallem Rowe

Southern' Cookin' & Prizes at our Pre-Release Party Online Tonight!

Anybody out there mature enough to remember the days of party lines?

When telephone service was new to the United States, many rural households were on party lines. I remember ours well. My mother couldn't have a private conversation with her mama in Minnesota without the risk of nosy neighbors listening in. Mom was kind to a fault, but I used to grin at the steel in her voice when she'd pause mid-sentence and exclaim, "Hang up now, Pauline!"

Well, beloved friends, tonight we are bringing back the 2022 version of a party line: An online party using a live video feed!

If you have a Facebook account or can visit a friend who has one, please join us for 40 minutes at 8 pm ET/ 7 pm CT/ 6 pm MT/ 5 pm PT.

How can you find us? Just click on my Facebook page right here ~

My southern alter-ego, mid-century household maven Miss Maggie, will be our hostess right from her circa 1974 stove. She'll be demonstrating how to make Cheddar Coins from her upcoming book, Life is Sweet, Y'all, while she gives you a speedy tutorial of classic southern food products like Martha White's cornmeal, Duke's mayonnaise, White Lily flour, and Cheerwine soda.

And what fun is a party without presents?

Look at some of the fun items Miss Maggie will be giving away tonight to our party-goers!

We're calling this a pre-release party because remember what I said a while back about LISY being in your hands by March 8, Lord willin' and the supply chain creek don't rise?

Well, we learned yesterday that our books have been moseying around the Port of Vancouver in Canada, along with a lot of other items you've probably been waitin' on! They should reach the publisher's warehouse in Chicagoland real soon, though, and when they do they'll be shipped right out to those of you who have pre-ordered.

But please don't forget ordering from your local independent bookstore, if you're fortunate to have one! Right here in my hometown, Sassafras on Main and Blue Ridge Books will be stocking LISY.

I promise we'll be done partying tonight in time for you to watch the State of the Union address on TV live. And if you can't join us, we'll record the merrymaking and you can find it on my Facebook page tomorrow.

A week from today, I'll be heading across the pond to Norway, where Mike and I will be doing pastoral work for several months. But before I go, I have one more video clip of LISY to share with you on March 8 all about vintage towels and what they have to teach us about keeping a balanced life.

And now it's time to put my pearls and apron on for the party tonight!


Miss Maggie


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