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The Woman Jesus Called Mother (50 minutes)

Extraordinary interest in this original one-woman, one-act drama has led to opportunities
for Maggie to present the life of Mary of Nazareth over 300 times throughout the United
States as well as internationally. This dramatic presentation, which includes original

arrangements of Hebrew folk music, allows audiences to meet “Mary” in 14 different scenes
over the course of her life – first as a young girl growing up in an observant Jewish home in
Nazareth, and finally as an elderly woman looking back over her son’s life and the meaning
of his birth, death and resurrection. Since the emphasis is not on Mary herself but on Jesus
as both her son and her Savior, the play is a vehicle for effective outreach to those from
Catholic, Protestant, Jewish or unchurched backgrounds.

“The Woman Jesus Called Mother” is especially appropriate for: Advent/Christmas
events, Good Friday, women’s spring programs.

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